Development Tools

We provide Basic Development Environment, Geometry Handling and Function Library.

We provide basic functions, geometry handling components and functional components necessary for developing an exclusive three-dimensional system. It speeds-up and shortens the development period.

Development Tools

Development environment for Exclusive System Development CAx Platform

CAx Platform is a development environment that provides basic functions, geometry handling and function libraries necessary for developing an exclusive three-dimensional system. Exclusive system can be developed easily with user’s Know-How.

  • Framework : spFrame / Basilica
  • NURBS Component : AXlib-NH
  • Geometric Calculation Component: AXlib-MT
  • In addition, various components

Framework for exclusive system development spFrame / Basilica

Development Tools

Most of the exclusive system and packaged software in Armonicos is built on the 3D CAD Framework called “spFrame” made by Armonicos.
It is designed and developed on the premise that supports the development of an exclusive three-dimensional system with user’s technology Know-How.
We will provide high-performance systems to be market as quickly as possible, while minimizing man-hour development period…We support such product development with high added value.

Development Tools

Basilica is the next generation framework.
From now on, we will expand based on the concept shown on the left.

Calculation component for NURBS curve and NURBS surface. AXlib-NH

Development Tools

NURBS creation by passing point + terminal condition specification
NURBS surface creation by passing curve + terminal condition specification
Nearest point calculation from a point to NURBS curve/ NURBS surface

Curve calculation: 100 functions
Surface calculation: 100 functions

Component that performs primitive shape definition by Least Squares Method from discrete Point Cloud : AXlib-MT

Development Tools

Calculation of primitive shape.
Primitive shape can be defined from discrete Point Cloud.
Alignment matrix can be created using Least Squares Method.

Primitive Shape Calculation: 150 functions
Primitive shape definition from discrete Point Cloud: 10 Functions
Alignment by Least Squares Method: 2 functions
Surface calculation: 100 functions

In addition, various components

In addition to the above-mentioned components, it is also possible to create a new one or extract a function from an existing system and provide it as component. Please contact us if you have any necessary functions.

  • Shape Evaluation Module
  • Face Direction Alignment Module
  • Surface fitting Module
  • Hidden Face Determination Module