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spGate - 3D Data Translator -

The Process Connector which translates a variety of 3D CAD models and formats

You can use spGate as a ....
Multi data converter
3D model quality checker
3D model quality repair tool
Automatic fillet removal tool
Automatic 3D model simplification tool

spGate 2016.1
Major Upgrade Released!!

spGauge - CAT System -

By matching 3D CAD data with point-cloud-data (which measures actual objects), spGauge can inspect accurately to easily find detailed errors of an actual object's dimensions.


Using non-contact measurement data (point-cloud), the reverse engineering application spScan can quickly and automatically generate high quality surfaces for use in CAD/CAM/CAE.


K-ha! EPX


K-ha! NC



spFrame was developed to work in conjunction with application programs incorporating the user's technical expertise, enabling configuration of dedicated sophisticated systems.

Other Products

2D/3D Conversion CAD


3D Optics Simulation


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