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Armonicos is actively hiring non-Japanese engineers.
With the globalization of manufacturing industry, Armonicos is also
expanding to western countries and Asia, and we need someone who
can organize business overseas, especially with good command of
English/Chinese/Korean or other languages.
You will be engaged in business outside of Japan after experiencing
software programming for a few years.
We will entrust you with a wide range of responsibilities such as
marketing, sales, software development, and technical support.
Join us and be a part of promoting overseas expansion.
We are waiting to hear from you!

Non-Japanese Engineers

Employment Type Full-Time
Probation No probation
Work Contents [Technical Consultant]
A technical consultant will be responsible for software sales, contract
development proposals, and trade show event organization.
A technical consultant will also be responsible for investigating,
advising and proposing solutions to various problems that arise in the
manufacturing process from a professional standpoint.

[Software Engineer]
Develop 3D CAD/CAM/CAE/CAT software using C++, C#, etc.
In addition to programming, you will also design programs and visit
customers for hearings.

  • - Shape processing technology: Development of surface and curve
    expressions on 3D CAD.
  • - Frameworks: Development of basic functions required for 3D software development.
  • - Development of general-purpose software used in design, manufacturing, analysis, and inspection in the manufacturing industry.
Pre-Acceptance: Resume (Attach photo)
Post-Acceptance: Letter of guarantee (See Note 1)
Note 1: To guarantee when the employee gives damage to the company.
Special Support
for Foreigners
Work Visa
You will be responsible for applying and paying for the work visa.
We will support you in providing necessary documents.

We can support you when looking for an apartment.
Aptitude Test
  • Application review
    Contact us by email at
    We will then contact you concerning the details.
  • First Test
    Written exam
  • Second Test
    Written exam and interview
  • Final Test
    Essay and interview
    We are constantly seeking to hire a person with high potential, in order for us to remain as the company that has strong technical ability. The test contents are designed to bring out your originality and passion to solve difficult mathematical analysis and technical problems.
    The programming in the exam is designed to bring out your knowledge of C++ language and programming sense, Some mathematics problems can be solved using formulas you learned in junior/senior high school, others require knowledge from university level. All problems are meant to test your flexible creativity and applied skills.
Compensations Starting salary : To be determined after consideration of experience,
ability, previous salary, etc.
Pay raise: Once a year (November)
Bonus : Twice a year (April & October)
*Pay raise and bonus vary depending on company performance.
Other benefits: Transportation expenses (according to company regulations).
Leave and Holidays Full two-day weekends (Saturdays and Sundays), national holidays,
year-end and New Year holidays
123 days off per year
10 days paid annual leave in the first year
Congratulation or condolence leave
Refreshment leave (every 5 years of employment, 5 days of vacation,
incentive of 50,000-200,000 yen)
Maternity leave
Childcare leave
Welfare Benefits Free Drinks
Recreation facility (A resort mansion in Yamanakako, near mount Fuji)
Company gym at R&D center (free)
Moving subsidy system for new employees (up to 100,000 yen based
on company regulations)
Work Location Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture
R&D Center (Research and Development Center): Hosoe-cho, Hamana-ku,
Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture
Osaka Office: Yodogawa-ku, Osaka City
Working Hours Flextime system
Standard working hours: 8 hours per day (no core time)
Education System New employee training, in-house seminars, study sessions, various external workshops, OJT
Insurances Health insurance, employees’ pension insurance, workers’ accident compensation insurance, unemployment insurance, group life insurance, defined contribution pension.
Efforts to prevent passive smoking in workplaces No smoking inside (outdoor smoking area available on site)
Others Retirement system (65 years)
Re-employment system
Asset-building savings system
Contact Please feel free to contact us by email.