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Corporate Philosophy


The three philosophies raised by Armonicos are “Reliability” not just “Credibility”, “Integrity” surpassing “Honesty” and “Gratitude” beyond “Understanding”.
“Credibility” can be obtained even once, but “Reliability” cannot be obtained unless a good relationship is maintained.
“Honesty” is simply not to tell a lie, but “Integrity” is not only the quality of being honest, but also having strong moral principles, that involves a heartfelt behavior.
“Understanding” things are done in your own mind, but “Gratitude” is a feeling that cannot be understood if our mind and heart does not communicate.
And through heart to heart relationship from one person to another, those things can be achieved. Although it is certain to have a warm communication with the customers and treating them in an appropriate manner, but it is also very important to have a heart to heart communication within the company.
Because human relations and work are closely connected, and cooperation with people creates profits and work.
The corporate image that Armonicos aims for is implemented by the warm and enthusiastic connection between people to people.