Streamline Retrofitting by getting from Point Cloud to 3D Model FASTER

Using ClassNK-PEERLESS, you can create “as-built” 3D models of ships and other industrial facilities from point cloud data (created with a 3D laser scanner), allowing you to reverse-engineer that space.
This software was developed in partnership with ClassNK, the ship classification society, and was designed specifically for the maritime industry with the goal of speeding up the BWMS retrofitting process.




Faster modeling

What sets ClassNK-PEERLESS apart from other CAD software is its speed. It can generate highly-accurate 3D models more quickly thanks to its automatic pipe recognition function and its databases of standard parts. In addition, models can be made to comply with various standards, such as ISO and JIS.


Users appreciate how easy our software is to use. Even complete beginners are able to model complex data with ease. Every function contains built-in intelligence, designed to save time, reduce user input and increase accuracy. Objects are created with just a few clicks and are automatically the perfect size (the system analyzes the point cloud data).

Provide Free Viewer


ClassNK-PEERLESS Viewer is available and free of charge.
The Measurement function, Simulation function and the Display function same as the Modeler is provided for “Measure”, “Simulation” and “View”.
Of course, distribution is also free.
Please use the free viewer in various scenes such as the designer measures the data, the administrator checks the data, the customer views the data, etc.

Developing a feature to use a head-mounted display (HMD).

Provide professional inspection in cooperation with the inspection tool "spGauge".


Provide professional inspection in cooperation with the inspection tool “spGauge“.
The inspection result can be output not only on the display but also as a document.
Furthermore, spGauge provides a Viewer that can 3D rotate/move/ zoom-in the Microsoft Office documentation.

(*) “spGauge” is a tool that can quantitatively check errors by comparing point cloud data with the 3-dimensional model, and it is used by many companies, mainly automobiles and household appliance companies.
(*) In the case of performing this inspection, license of “spGauge” will be needed.

Award-Winning Solution

ClassNK-PEERLESS was the recipient of the innovation award at the prestigious Lloyd’s List Asia Awards in October 2015 and was also presented with the IT Solutions Award at the International Bulk Journal (IBJ) Awards in Antwerp the following month.



Registration could also be called “shot alignment.” It’s a process which merges the data from multiple shots into a single point cloud file. This can be accomplished either with or without markers.

Noise Reduction


Noise is unwanted or inaccurate data. ClassNK-PEERLESS removes most of it automatically during the registration process and there are also manual functions for noise reduction and removal. Moreover, the system’s modeling functions were built so as not to be affected by noise, which means that your model will be clearer and more accurate.

Definition of Coordinate System


ClassNK-PEERLESS comes with methods for setting coordinate axes, which is useful for aligning things together perfectly.

There are 3 ways to create pipes:
* Manually: create straight pipes individually.
* Semi-automatically: the system automatically searches for connecting pipes.
* Automatically: the system scans all the point cloud data and automatically creates pipes wherever it finds any.

Piping Parts Modeling

Ships and factories usually have a large amount of pipes. ClassNK-PEERLESS can model pipes very quickly with its automatic pipe recognition function which automatically detects and creates pipes. Our software contains an impressive assortment of standard-compliant piping parts (valves, flanges, gaskets etc.) that only take a couple of clicks to create. Our functions are designed to save you time. For example, when the diameter of a pipe is changed, the diameters of all connecting pipes are changed automatically as well.

Standard pipes can be created by selecting point cloud data.

Manually create a new pipe system, continuously alternating between straight pipes and elbows.

The system automatically searches for connecting pipes.


Create straight pipes, bent pipes, curved pipes, reducers and elbows.

Valves are easy to create.

Create a reducer at the end of the straight pipe.

Shaped Steels Modeling

ClassNK-PEERLESS makes modeling shaped steel effortless. There’s a wide variety of types, including angle steel, flat steel, and H-bars which are all of standard size.

Our software automatically detects the size and the length of the steel, which the user can easily modify, if needed. Our software also has a sketch function for creating steel parts of irregular shape, such as the frame of the hull of a ship, simply by tracing its outline.

To create steel, simply select a few points; ClassNK-PEERLESS does the rest automatically.

Geometries & Equipment Modeling


Define geometric shapes, such as a prisms and cylinders.


When modeling a ship or a factory, many different types of equipment must be modeled. ClassNK-PEERLESS helps you model them quickly and easily. For example, a flight of stairs can be created in less than a minute with as few as 3 clicks. Basic geometric shapes, such as prisms, cubes and cylinders, can also be used to model equipment.
It is also possible to import a part's 3D CAD data.

ClassNK-PEERLESS has a very wide variety of sketch functions, enabling the creation of virtaully any shape. In addition, that shape can be used to define objects such as planes, extruded geometry, rotation geometry.


ClassNK-PEERLESS has a very wide variety of sketch functions, enabling the creation of virtaully any shape. In addition, that shape can be used to define objects such as steel frames for a ship's hull.

Planes & Surfaces Modeling


Floors, walls and even a ship’s hull can be modeled using planes and surfaces. With ClassNK-PEERLESS, creating and editing them has never been easier.

Polygon Mesh


Create a Polygon mesh from Point Clouds.
Polygon mesh can be created within a short time.
By using on the various works such as the initial design, interference, space confirmation , etc., it is possible to quickly conduct examination of mounting and repair.  

2D Functions

Create files that can be edited using commercial 2D systems.

The information from both point cloud and 3D models can be output to a file that can be edited with 2D software, such as 2D CAD.


It is possible to create 2D isometric drawings of piping systems.

Drawings will be output to a DXF file, which can be read and edited by most commercial 2D CAD systems.


Read-in 2D CAD data, and output an image for use as a rough sketch when you create a drawing.



Get Measurements of Point Cloud and Objects
ClassNK-PEERLESS provides many ways to gather measurement data and show the relationship between objects. A couple of measurement functions are described below.

Color mapping can be used to check accuracy.


Get dimension information such as the distance between 2 points.

You can see pipe dimension information such as length and angle on top of the 3D model.


Check for collisions along a route. This is useful when planning the installation of new equipment.


Notes can be added to point cloud and objects. In addition, it is possible to attach an external file to the note.

Data Export


3D models made with our software can be exported as IGES or STEP files, which are standard formats, meaning that your model is portable. It can be rendered and modified with CAD software from another vendor. Using spGate , a separate Armonicos product, data can be converted to other formats as well.

System Requirements

O/S Windows 10 Pro (64bit)
Windows 8.1 Pro (64bit)
Windows 7 Professional/Ultimate (64bit)
CPU Intel Core i7 or more recommended
4 cores (or more) ideal
Memory 16 GB or more recommended
HDD At least 20 GB
SSD is recommended.
Resolution 1280 X 1024 or higher
Graphics Board OpenGL board
NVIDIA Quadro series recommended
Operation Condition 1 free USB port (for license)
DVD-ROM drive (for installation)
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Intel and Intel Core are trademarks of Intel Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.
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