Please make sure you have read and understood the following important information before you fill out the purchase form to order our products.

Please read before ordering

  • This site exclusively provides software via downloads. This is not an off-the-shelf product where you will receive a physical media.
  • Due to the nature of the product delivery, you cannot cancel or return the product after completing the purchase procedure. Be sure that you have tried the trial version before placing an order.
  • If you have used a trial license, then you only need to enter the license key for product version in order to switch to a product version.
  • You will need as many licenses as the number of computer you will be using the product on. If you are using the software on multiple computers, then, you will need as many licenses.
  • We accept bank transfer (advance payment) only. We will issue the invoice within 3 business days; please make a prompt bank transfer. We will send you the license key for the product version, after confirming the bank transfer.

Purchase order request form

If you have requested for multiple licenses, we will verify the rest of the MAC addresses after you have placed the order.

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