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Use cases

Want to access STL data using CAD system. (Company A: Sound & Video Equipment Manufacturer)

STL (stereolithography) data is a data of a group of fine triangles that is used by 3D printers. There are several methods to create STL data.

  • Taking measurements with a no contact measuring device or 3D scanner
  • Exporting data of a result analyzed by CAE software
  • Exporting the workpiece that remains after a machining simulation conducted by CAM software
  • Exporting CAD model data through CAD system

Have you ever been troubled about receiving STL data created through these various methods?

Methods to view STL data

The following methods are available to visually check the STL data obtained from suppliers.

  • Using STL viewer software or STL editing software to check
  • Importing the data into a CAD/CAM system (For some CAD/CAM systems, STL-Reader may need to be purchased to import as STL data is optional.)
  • Importing the data through reverse engineering software

Methods to manipulate STL data

In general, the main purpose of manipulating STL data is to create surfaces from the data (reverse engineering). However, reverse engineering software is relatively expensive, and it is financially difficult to introduce the system unless a volume of reverse engineering tasks is expected to a certain extent.

Additionally, even if a CAD system can import STL data, it is possible to see, but not touch.

With spGate, STL data can be converted into IGES data, and you can manipulate the sides and end points of triangles by importing IGES data into your CAD system. With the CAD system you are used to using, you can perform normal modeling tasks by creating arbitrary shapes on the section or creating contour lines on your own.

Naturally, the specified software for reverse engineering makes modeling operations much easier. (Example: spScan)

spGate can be used as a temporary means of manipulating STL data if, for example, you only perform a small number of reverse engineering tasks each year, prior to actually purchasing reverse engineering software.

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