All-in-One 3D CAD Data Translator

spGate is a powerful tool to support the manufacturing field with features such as data translation,
defect correction, simplifying, and data downsizing.

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Release info

Introduction of spGate 2022.1 upgrade function

At the end of August 2021, we released new ver...


All-in-One Tool for a Wide Range of 3D CAD

Have you ever had trouble not being able to im...

tag : Translate data


Defect Correction Feature Easier than a Generic CAD System

After importing 3D CAD data, the data will not...

tag : Repair data


Greatly Reduce Analysis Time by Simplifying the CAD Model

When a CAD model with tiny fillets is imported...

tag : Simplification


Before and After the Design Changes is Made Obvious

To check for differences in design modificatio...

tag : Verification Compare models


Lighten the CAD Model with 50,000 Faces to 1/100 of It.

When creating still images or movies using a 3...

tag : Reduce data size


Desire to easily remove tiny shapes and keep solids

Received product models sometimes contain nume...

tag : Repair data

Use cases

Want to detect subtle deformations on surfaces. (Company B: Press Mold Manufacturer)

Leaving the subtle deformation on surfaces can...

tag : Verification

Use cases

Want to convert huge amounts of CAD data at night. (Company C: Machine Manufacturer)

If huge amounts of CAD data files are provided...

tag : Translate data