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How to View Point Clouds and Modeling Results in VR

Would you like to view modeling results together with your team members?

ClassNK-PEERLESS includes the free Viewer program for viewing your own project data. There is also a free VR Viewer.

Sharing your modeling results with related personnel can lead to greater success.

Checking ClassNK-PEERLESS data with the free Viewer

The ClassNK-PEERLESS Viewer can be used for free.

It shares the same measurement, simulation, and display functions as the Modeler for viewing, measuring, and examining models.

Naturally, this program can be shared freely.

The free Viewer can be used in a variety of situations, allowing measurement personnel to take measurements, administrators to check data, customers to view data, and so on.

Checking PEERLESS data in VR

The ClassNK-PEERLESS Viewer VR can be used for free.

You can view modeled information as well as point clouds with a head-mounted display (Oculus Rift).

This program, like the Viewer, can also be shared freely.

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