ClassNK-PEERLESSCreate 3D CAD Models Effortlessly, Quickly, and Accurately from Point Cloud Data<

The software “ClassNK-PEERLESS”,
which creates 3D models necessary for design and construction from point cloud data acquired with a 3D laser scanner within a brief time,
has been evaluated for its intuitive operability that makes modeling easy.
It is utilized in the field of marine, plant, factory equipment, and building utility.



The Usability That Results in a 70% Reduction in Man-Hours

ClassNK-PEERLESS provides a low-stress operabi...

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Automatically Create Pipes and Steel Structures

Create equipment with planes, geometries, stai...

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Use cases

Effortlessly Execute Measurement or Simulation

Modification work involves removing existing e...

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Use cases

Functions Used When Ballast Water Treatment Systems and SOx Scrubbers Are Installed

In marine industries, environmental measures f...

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How to View Point Clouds and Modeling Results in VR

Would you like to view modeling results togeth...

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Use cases

Modeling Machinery and Equipment

We often hear about people having great diffic...

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System Requirements

Memory size has a significant impact on operat...

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Supported file formats

The file formats that can be imported/exported...


Upgrade News

Notification are sent out for any software upg...

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