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Align Polygon Mesh Data Coordinates (spAlign)

Using spAlign, a software program included with spScan, you can perform the functions ‘Align CAD Data and Polygon Mesh Data’ and ‘Align Polygon Mesh Data Only’.

Align CAD data and polygon mesh data

If the polygon mesh data and CAD data are displayed using different coordinate systems, alignment of the polygon mesh data and CAD data needs to be performed.

How to align to CAD data

  • Rough alignment
    • Alignment that minimizes the sum of differences between the polygon mesh and the CAD data (e.g. best fit)
  • Advanced alignment
    • Alignment with constraint conditions on the specific CAD elements (holes, planes, cylinders, lines, points, etc.)

Align polygon mesh data only

It is possible to align polygon mesh data only.

Alignment can be performed by extracting geometric shapes (planes, cylinders, lines, and points) from the polygon mesh to use as alignment references.

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