spScanReverse Engineering of High-Quality Spline Surfaces

spScan is a reverse engineering tool specialized in creating a NURBS surface from point cloud data.

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Polygonize Point Cloud Data

spScan can automatically polygonize data durin...

tag : Point cloud import


Edit Defective Areas of the Polygon Mesh

Polygon meshes created from the measurement po...

tag : Polygon mesh correction


Import CAD Data for Partial Reverse Engineering

spScan offers multiple reverse engineering met...

tag : CAD import


Align Polygon Mesh Data Coordinates (spAlign)

Using spAlign, a software program included wit...

tag : Alignment


Create Free Curves on Polygon Meshes

You can manually pick a polygon mesh or spline...

tag : Free curve creation


Create Virtual Intersection Curves From a Polygon Mesh

You can extract virtual intersection curves (c...

tag : Virtual intersection curve creation


Upgrade News

Notification are sent out for any software upg...

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